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ANTI-freeze, anything special?

Guest gunjeep444

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Guest gunjeep444

I had my radiator out this summer to get re-done. Put in a new thermostat and flushed it out. I only put in distilled water and some water pump lubricant. Any special anti-freeze to use, or does it matter? Gotta do this soon.

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Nothing special. I like to use anti freeze that has a bittering agent added to discourage animals from drinking it. Different colors should not be mixed but NAPA has a brand that will mix with any other. 50-50 is the usual dilution rate.................Bob

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I think that Prestone also has a "universal" long-life coolant, too. It is the traditional Prestone color. I've seen it at WalMart in both the 50-50 pre-mix and "straight". I DO like the idea that the "bittered" NAPA coolant is "bittered", as an alternative to the propolene glycol product.

Once you do start with one brand/type, it might be best to stay with that one rather than mixing later on.

Just some thoughts,


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Information was just published in the Auburn Cord Duesenberg Club Newsletter concerning the use of "extended life" antifreeze in cars over 10 years old.

In a nutshell--don't do it!

Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES should an "Extended Life" antifreeze, which utilizes Organic Additive Technology (OAT, H-OAT, or N-OAT) as one of its chemicals, ever be used in our cars over 10 years old. It attacks the gaskets and gasket cements in our cars, causing major leaks and forcing ultra-expensive repairs. The "Silver Ghost Association" Rolls Royce people have documented massive cooling system failures apparently caused by this anti-freeze product.

Antifreeze that can be used safely in our cars uses older-fashioned Inorganic Additive Technology (IAT) additive.

You cannot tell by the color of the antifreeze if it's safe to use. Also, the product may be labelled "Safe for Older Cars"--meaning 10 years old at most. Brands to be AVOIDED are all Prestone lines and Zerex's G-05 in the Gold-color container. Avoid any "extended-life" antifreeze. None of us wants to pull and rebuild our cars' engines.

Acceptable brands are Peak, Peak's HD Product "Sierra," and Zerex Original Green in the WHITE container.

If any of the OAT, H-OAT, or N-OAT products are in your car the cooling system should promptly be drained--radiator and block-- the system flushed thoroughly, and IAT antifreeze installed. I am checking to see what's in my 37 Buick and 40 LaSalle.

The article is in Newsletter LVII Number 8 2010. It will be posted on the ACDCLUB.ORG site in a few days in the newsletters section of the forum.

Forewarned is forearmed.

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