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For fun - 1970's work parking lot


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I love scrutinizing old photos for the cars!

Looks to have been around '74 or so?

I was 13 then. Funny how you can't remember lots looking like that.

The attrition rate of cars is so gradual you don't notice it happening. Even a parking lot photo from 15 years ago will look somewhat vintage.

I of course spotted the Boattail Riv right off the bat!


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Look at how many 2 door coupes there were back then. The 4 doors are few and far between. Today, all you'd see would be 4 doors...if you could see past the sport utilities. Forgive me Riv maniacs, but if I could take just one from the photo, it would have to be the late 60's blue Chevelle in the lower right corner. Also might be a GTO with a Ram Air hood in the middle near the light pole...not sure. PRL

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Jayson, I think I have owned most of these cars......except the Gremlin....Oh my, and then there is a VW bug, blue Vega, red Plymouth Roadrunner,Pontiac LeMans, a couple of Cougars, a boattail Riviera, and a Chevy truck with camper. I only see about 6 foreign cars but might be more.

Thanks for the memories


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