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1929 Seattle Tmes delivery panel


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Just purchased a 1929 REO speedwagon panel delivery. I was told this was originally used for delivery of the Seattle Times Newspaper. The panel was found in the woods many many years ago, the panel body was cut up and used for some running board and apron repairs which show some lettering from the original panel.

The seller had built a "replica" of a pickup bed with old wood and iron which was allowed to rust and looks original next to the rusty sheetmetal. The engine runs and the truck drives but no brakes.

The truck is too far gone to attempt a restoration but a big attraction at the machine show last weekend. I will be needing to repair the cracked head or find a replacement.

Should have some pictures in the next few days. Will be contacting the Seattle Times and see what history they might have.

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A brief follow up on this vehicle. There was only water in the transmission and the engine oil was very thick and gooooey. Drained both tranny and engine and let drip dry for 24 hours. Refilled the tranny with gear oil and non detergent oil for the engine. Starts right up and runs well, seems to be 5 forward speeds and no reverse, or have not found reverse just yet. The 1929 REO has hydraulic brakes on all four wheels, the master cylinder has been removed and is very similar or an exact copy of brakes for large cranes. (Wagner/Lockheed) I know this from previously restoring a 1930 White fire truck which had the same master cylinder.

Looked at a 1926 REO passenger vehicle last weekend. This car had two wheel mechanical brakes. The engine was 6 cylinder but with a large cover over the valve area, similar to what you would see on an overhead valve engine and definately different from the 6 cylinder engine in my 29. Yes, my engine has the brass REO plate rivited to the block.

Not sure where to look for a serial number and where to find a listing of serial numbers for REO engines or trucks. Any suggestions?

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