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Dunlop Wire Wheels not hubcaps

Guest Gee_Rydes

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Guest Gee_Rydes

Hey guys.

I have a set of real OEM Dunlop brand genuine wire spoke wheels used on a 78 LXXV Riviera. I will be putting them up for sale in about 2 weeks and since they are a rare commodity, I thought I would let you know. These are the real deal wire wheels that GM used on many of their GM products. Bolt pattern is 5x5 and offset in 78 is the same all the way back to 1970 I think? Corrections are welcome of course. It was the PH8 code

The chrome on the wheels is pretty nice. One wheel will need some spokes replaced but there is no hub damage nor rim damage. It is still intact.

These were a neat option back in the day.

Send a PM if you have any interest or know of somebody that might.

The picture attached is not of the actual wheels, but it is the same product and attached for style purposes.


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