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7th Series door sag

Guest sydney

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I've got a 733 Club Sedan '

I'm going to have the car repainted and re-upholstered.

It has door sag such that the gap at the top of the doors is narrower than the gap at the bottom. The sag is not too major and the wood appears solid.

Can anyone suggest a way to fix this problem ?



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I'm not sure, from your description, how the door is sagging. Is there any chance you can post a picture?

For doors that are warped, a diagonally installed turnbuckle in the door that is SLOWLY (over a period of days) tightened can straighten the door.

If the hinges are sagging, it might be because of worn hinge pins, bent hinges, a sagging A pillar, or the hinges have shifted where they attach to the door.

There are probably other possible causes. Hopefully someone more qualified than myself will step in here.



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The 6th series I am doing now had worn out pads at the frame, worn door hinge pins on driver door and slight buckling of one door. Since it is an open car, the center pillar was also out of position. Adjustment is done by the mounting bracket bolts at the rear windshield mount at the floor and body shims.

MANY days of work to rebuild each door hinge, then work on body-to-frame pads and get the door frame wood back into position.

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Thank you for the replies.

I don't have a photo to post, but can tell you that the doors do not appear to be twisted as they fit quite well against the body. The sag is noticeable as there is a gap at the top of the doors to the body and the gap between the doors is approximately 3/8" at the top and 3/4" at the bottom.

Again thanks for your replies, I'll check out all of the areas that you suggest that I investigate.


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