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Can anyone help identify these parts?

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Adam, do you mean like a drip oiler? Without a reservior, I can't see it being a lubricator and most oilers have a reservior and a built-in adjustment and wouldn't need 2 on-off levers, especially one right after another. I could be wrong though.

Howard Dennis

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Hi Dennis

Whatever the brass priming cup? oiler? thing is it is one unit with two handles not two units-well from what I can tell.

The second unit could be from anything. But it is exactly the same on the otherwise except for the /lever/handle...you can see where the handle goes in from this side. There appeats to be a brass pipe that runs across the top from left to right but again no idea what for or why

I have no idea what it is from

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The lubricator works by displacement close the bottom cock open the top cock to fill with cylinder oil or tallow in the old days. Then close the top cock and open the bottom cock, this allows steam to enter the oiler as it condensates the water makes its way to the bottom of the tallow cup and the oil floats on top, inside the oiler will be a tube just like a wick feed oil cup as the steam condensates the rising oil makes its way into this tube oil being heaver than steam drips onto the piston or valve. you can not tell when this oiler is empty, not all tallow cup oilers have the center tube. Do a Google search for tallow cup lubricator/ oiler


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