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Pete Phillips, the Buick Whirlwind, & my 33 90s

Guest outlaw car man

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Guest outlaw car man

Pete Phillips was out here in Colorado, I think. I'm kidding of course but Pete did come thru on a 3 day, three or four Buick research project for the Bugle. ( I was just one stop on the schedule )

Between the zillion cell phone calls about Buick stuff and the time on the lap top answering misc Buick questions, we did spend ample time going over my two 1933 90s. ( did I say he crawled all over them ) . Even helped with a exhaust valve problem I was having . He did slow down for dinner where we swapped Buick stories.

Having two big guns in the Buick world, Dave Corbin & Pete Phillips, stop by has been a privilege, and education. Don't get a lot of folks stopping by up here in Northern Colorado.

Just want to say, as Buick Club member # 43878 , OUR Buick Bugle is in very capable hands with our Editor, you know this anyway.

Was Pete Phillips out here ? I think so, Whew ! HHAAHAHHA,

Sandy Jones

1933 Buick 90 Black

1933 Buick 90 Navarre Green

1972 Volvo P1800 ES Sportwagon

3- horses various types

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