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Steve Williams Estate


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Some of you know of Steve Willaims and his tragic death a few years ago. His estate has been slowly dissolving with the help of his step son and an appointed estate attorney.

They have listed cars on the Hemmings website under dealers, Steve Williams Collection.

I am sure that if you contact then through the Hemmings add, you will get some kind of response. Steve had MANY large storage buildings with Studebaker and Packard parts POST WAR was where he was strong.

Contrary to what some thought, Steve was not a part of Vintage Wine Tours of Napa Valley that operates the 1947-48 cars. These are owned and operated by Mr. Tab Borge. He has saved some 47 and 48 Packards that were "parts cars" and turned them in to active tour cars with modern running gear. Check out the cars at his website..

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I had heard that a large dealer had already bought all of the Sttudebaker parts out of the estate. It that not true? Are parts now being sold or will a sale be held?

I saw one of his cars this Spring at the Packard meet in Salado. It was a very nice Caribbean which

was repainted after being brought to Texas.

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The parts are still there.... So much stuff for them to go through, I am not sure how they will deal with it all..

That 62 Hawk is real tempting..

Yes, some decent prices.. Some of the good cars went cheap, some of the cheap cars went toooo high...

Steve's matching pair of 56 Packards went to the museum.. Anyone see them there?

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