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help with a 25 dodge pick up

Guest larry4710

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Guest larry4710

Need help with info on a 25 dodge

1 Where can i buy a split ring for a 21 inch tire. all i need is the ring. or a set of "updated" rims but look the same.

2 The pully on the bottom of the passanger side of the motor that the distributer and the water pump are conected to is that also a oil pump

3 there is a metal rod that comes out of the block on the driverside just behind the first cylender it "bobs" up and down if you touch it is this the oil level .

4 does any one have a wiring diagram for the NORTHEAST STARTER/GENERATOR 12V MODEL GA 3804

I am greatful for any help

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Well, 1 out of 4 isn't the best but it's something. I should be able to help you with the wiring diagram portion of your list. Are you looking for an internal diagram on the Northeast unit or a wiring diagram for the vehicle using the Northeast unit? Let me know. I can be reached by email @ jsmithaer@gmail.com or toll-free @ 1-866-228-0218. Hopefully I can help.

Jason Smith

Advanced Electrical Rebuilders

Grand Ledge, MI

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