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Just bought a 1959 Edsel Ranger (Picts)

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About 2 weeks ago i was on ebay looking at all the old cars as usual and stumbled upon a classified add for a 1959 Edsel Ranger. Seeing as it was close to me I messaged the guy who had it for sale to call me to talk about the car. He called that very night and I set up a time for my dad, brother and I to go out and look at it the next day. Now when I get car buying fever I always try to find as much info on the car that I am interested in and I love any old car and if its a good deal I will always take a look and inquire about it. We drove out to the little town of Mead, Nebraska from Lincoln and looked at the car. Upon arrival the car looked very good to my standards and after asking lots of questions and driving it around my dad, brother and I were on our way home with our latest old car purchase. The car is great and cruises very nice. I am very proud of the latest purchase as is anyone who buys a new old car. On the way home I received many waves and thumbs up and even when i stopped for gas a guy who I didnt know at all stopped and we had a nice conversation about old cars. It goes to show that the people in the old car hobby are some of the most friendly people out there. Even on the interstate the truckers were honking there horns. It always puts a smile :D on my face when I see a smile :D on someones elses face when they see an old car. I am 19 and I have puchased 5 old cars so far. My little brother who is 15 was looking for an old car so we went in on the 1959 Edsel Ranger together. He was so proud of his purchase, telling all his friends and I know he cant wait to drive it. But that wont happen until I feel confident in his ability to drive a stick because I must protect my investment too. The 1959 Edsel Ranger 4 door sedan has a 292 V8 and 3 speed on the tree. It has 74000 miles and brand new tires. I have been driving it around everywhere showing it off as one should do when you have an old car. I hope you have enjoyed my little story and if you have anything to say please comment. Thanks for reading from Nebraska, Andrew. :)

1928 Dodge Victory 6 4 door sedan

1958 Ford Custom 300 4 door sedan

1959 Edsel Ranger 4 door sedan

1964 Ford F100 Stepside

1965 Ford F250 Styleside











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hi andrew, in the words of my generation, far out, in 1973, when i was 17, i bought my 1953 pontiac chieftain custom catalina, at 18, i bought a 1956 chevy 150 2dr sedan, at 19, i bought a 1937 oldsmobile F37 oprea coupe. i still have the custom catalina today. it's so nice to see young people like yourself get into old cars, enjoy your toys, charles coker, 1953 pontiac tech advisor, poci.

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Hey homie, nice edsel, car collecting is fun, but it has it's drawbacks too. . Car collecting is a very expensive hobby (paying for storage, maintenance, parts, insurance, gas, theft, trailering, car shows, etc.) than, say, coin collecting. I started collecting cars when I was 14 and have since had over 275 cars. Now that i'm 40, I'm still just as broke as I was when I was 14, but at least I have a nice car collection..

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