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Superturbine Th400 transmission


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I have a Kenny Bell superturbine th400 that I would like to sell. Kenny Bell sold these as 6 speed automatics. It is really a th400 with a 4" tailshaft with high performance clutch plates and a high performance furnace brazed variable pitch torque converter. I used this in my 68 GS400 which I no longer have. I believe it has about 30,000 miles on it. It has been sitting in the garage collecting some serious dust and dirt for the last 18 years. The variable pitch is controlled by an internal solonoid which is controlled by applying and removing 12 volts from an added pin in the same connector as the back-up lights. I used a homebuilt electronic timer that I made from radio shack parts. The timer was activated when the brake pedal was released. I had the time set for about 1.5 to 2 seconds. Idiling with a cammed up engine was improved because of the unloading effect in high stall mode. What would happen was that when you held your foot on the brake, the torque converter would go into high stall and about 2 seconds after removing your foot from the pedal the converter would switch to low stall. This setup provides high performance and better fuel economy and less heat build up than a high stall converter alone. When starting out from a dead stop, your foot is slid off of the brake pedal and stomped onto the gas pedal. The engine would immediatly scream at high revs, right into the power curve of the engine, because of the high stall. There was no problem breaking the tires loose. Two seconds later it felt like the transmission shifted into second gear but it was still in first gear but in low stall. When entering a turn and you put your foot on the brake, the converter would go into high stall and unload the engine which allowed for a quicker braking into the bend. Comming out of the bend the converter would stay in high stall for 2 seconds which allowed for rapid acceleration out of the bend. If you have a chevy bellhousing, maybe all of the internal parts can be inserted into the different case. This may be a nice high performance setup for an older Corvette as well as an older BOP. Asking price is $900.00 contact sahein1@earthlink.net

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