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unknown 6 cyl head

old car fan

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Guest Silverghost

This head is in fact for a Rolls~Royce Springfield Phantom I

I Know for sure~

I own one of these cars.

Aluminuun heads can be repaired, welded and epoxy sealed most times !

The aluminum castings can corrode bady and leak.

Reproducton heads can be found from time to time at a very high cost $10-15 K !

This head must be saved !

It should sell quickly !

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New valve guides are avalible and easy to replace. Unless there is something very wrong with it, it is highly saveable. The major bugbear with these heads is the grade of aluminium used. They are difficult to weld as the impurities keep coming to the surface when you weld them but certainly not impossible. If it is half good condition it is worth quite a bit of money.


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