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Hello out there in Buick land.......I'm getting ready to have the material on the top of the door panels of my 1953 Special replaced and my seats recovered. Is SMS the only source for fabric? I've recevied samples from them that look great but is quite expensive. Just trying to find out if there is an alternative supplier of the same quality.

Also, if anyone can recommend a reputable upholestry shop in the Rhode Island/South Eastern Massachusetts area I'd appreciate it. Would even travel a bit father if someone is highly recommended.



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My suggestion, if you are not doing the work yourself, is find the shop first and have them work out the details of the supplier.

In some cases kits are fine, but others prefer to work from the fabric.

If you cannot find anything closer, and want to come to eatern/central CT, let me know.


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Thanks for the help everyone. Reply to all as follows:

I sent samples to Hampton Coach (LeBaron Bonney) in Amesbury, MA last week.

The fabric samples that I got from SMS for my 53 were spot on so they do have material for earlier cars. FYI the seat material was $89/yard.

Will check out Original Auto Interiors.....thx Pete

I have visited 4 upholestry shops. My preference is for them to order all material after I have approved samples. I'm just trying to qualify suppliers beforehand to save them time and aggravation.

Thanks again for all of your help guys!


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