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Another fuel problem.


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I have a 62 new yorker, that I have had for the past 5 years. This is essentially an original car that has been pretty much problem free since I bought it.

Over the past month, on two occasions, after about 30-45 minutes of driving, the engine quits. When checking for problems, have found that the inline fuel filter was empty. I assumed (and you know what that does) that it was the fuel pump. Howerver, after it set for about an hour, when i turn over the engine, the filter refills, and the engine will start and run, whic leads me to believe it's not the pump.

Going to replace the fuel pump anyway, but need some input as to any other problem I may be looking at.

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Guest JohnArthurSpinks

I would say that the vent on the fuel tank which could be via a fixed tube or through the fuel filler cap may be blocked and you are building up a partial vacuum in the tank after a period of running

Take the fuel cap off and test the car without the cap


John Spinks

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Just a quick update. Over the weekend, replaced the fuel tank, sending unit, fuel pump and push rod. Pulled the old sending unit out of curiosity, and it was so rusty, i'm amazed that it didn't fall apart. :eek:I can only imagine what bottom of tank looked like. All appears to be well, running ok.<!-- google_ad_section_end -->

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