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23" #5 Buffalo Wire Wheel

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The attached pictures describe the extra wheel I have. I was, at one time, trying to put together a set of 23" #5's. I have since changed directions and am currently working on a set of 20" #5 Buffalo wheels. This wheel shows tire side pitting but is actually OK. The lock ring is not cracked or heavily pitted on the outside. With some buffing and elbow grease I think the lock ring could be plated with good results. I need some parts to complete my set, hubs and caps. If you have a need for a rare Buffalo wheel size, I will sell but prefer to trade for items I need. Feel free to send me a private email.

Regards, Alan



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Hi Al. Bob Pilkie here in Edmonton Alberta. I bought the studebaker wire wheels from you not long ago. Do you have any Buick / buffalo wire wheels and hubs for a 28 Buick master. I have 21” wheels. I need a rear hub and a couple hubcaps 

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