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1953 Super 88 Misc Questons

Guest snidert

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Guest snidert

I have a 1953 Super 88 hard top, two door, green/white top color. It has green interior, carpet, upholstery etc... The car's body, frame, etc isn't in very bad shape, and could easily just be sanded and painted again. This car has been in family since 1953 and I am the third owner (my father was the second). This car was used as a family car until 1972 when it was last inspected (NC). It has been sitting since 73. It was running when parked and cranked/started a couple of times since... I would like to restore the car. I am planning on taking it down to the frame and back. My questions about restoring some of the more hard to find items/tasks are as follows...

1. The steering wheel is a light green color and is cracked. Is there someone who can restore this?

2. The seat has plastic sides covering the seat adjustment controls and hiding the sides mechanical tracks... the plastic is deteriorating beyond repair, is there any one who makes this? If not, what do you do to fix?

3. The odometer stopped rotating at 199k miles is there someone who can restore this? I think the car was driven for another 100k since it stopped turning.

4. The windshield, and side glass is in need of replacment, can I get a new glass? If so, who/where?

Any other tips and pointers would be greatly appreciated...

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I would like to be able to give you specific vendors who can step in and help with your needs. I am not able to do so.

I can say that yes, the steering wheel is restorable. Yes, the odometer should be able to be repaired or replaced (After all, GM probably had the same odometer mechanism in many 50's era cars. It may be as simple as replacing the cable? I am sure that glass is available.

All things are possible, if one is willing to spend the money!

I would check out the offerings from Olds supplier Fusick @ Oldsmobile|Cutlass|442|Hurst|Toronado|Parts -Fusick Automotive Products, Inc for starters. Secondly, you should invest in memberships in both of the national Olds clubs; National Antique Oldsmobile Club (NAOC) and Oldsmobile Club of America (OCA). In each you will find folk who have been there/done that with this specific ride, who will be a big help to you.

Have fun, and good luck!

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