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Because my club's local newsletter (non-AACA) has switched to laser, I have several bottles of Inkjet Tech refill ink for inkjet printers. Three black (full) and what looks like two yellow and two red partial refill bottles (though these may be full; I don't recall how full they're supposed to be).

Anyway, they're free to whomever is willing to pay postage or -- if you're in the Washington DC area, you could pick them up. I'm in Manassas, Va.

contact me at Xdetailed@verizon.net (remove the X first). I hate to throw these away!

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We had a H-P 930c inkjet printer. Some of the cartridges this used, were the #51645A (also known as #45) black, and the C6578AN (also known as #78) 3-color cartridge. In fact I have several once-used cartridges given to me by a friend, which I kept in case any of the refilled ones gave me trouble after a while.

I used the Inktec kits to refill these, and the bottles I have are Inktec bottles. I still have some of the Inktec paraphernalia with which to do that. Whoever takes the ink can have the cartridges of filling devices if they wish.

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