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Fleetwood Body # Location


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I have a 1933 Cadillac with a Fleetwood body and would like to know if the body and job number is anywhere else on the body besides the metal tag on the side of the cowl. Fisher stamped it in the wood floor by the driver's door. Did Fleetwood do it too? thanks

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What body style do you have? If you have the original interior you might find it in pencil or chalk on the seat bottoms or on tags on the cushions/springs. On my 34 town car it is even stamped in the the bronze castings that you put in from the top of the b pillar to the top of the windshield for the top to snap to. I think the number is even on the back side of the carpet and the inside of the trunk, also with a Fleetwood number in some places also. My body number is 15, but the Fleetwood number is 5037KX, which may be the special order number from the Fleetwood build sheet. I think that the body number is also stamped in the wood sill in the front too. Dave Mitchell

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