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Random tire thought

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So I was flipping through "Studebaker Cars' by James H. Moloney for some light reading and started noticing that the majority of vehicle's tires in the same age group as mine (1929) were all black, with nary a "white wall" among them! I've only had mine for a year and it came with the whitewall style, but one of my Christmas gifts to myself is to replace them with new ones.

This got me to thinking - was the whitewall style the rarity then? I've not even started pricing them yet, but I'm actually leaning towards no whitewall as the 'trim' line color on my car is a cream and seems to be at odds with the tires.

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Whitewalls were indeed a rarity. They were almost never seen on low priced cars like Ford, Plymouth etc because of the cost. They were also never seen on formal limousines like Packard or Pierce Arrow - too gaudy and in bad taste.

If whitewalls were used at all it was on the flashier medium priced cars like an Auburn LaSalle or DeSoto convertible, even then they were rare. In old photos you will see less than 1 car out of 100 had whitewalls unless it was a car show.

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