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Ignition module

Guest Richard D

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Guest Richard D

I need an ignition module, it may be that or the crankshaft position sensor. I am having a new position sensor installed tomorrow, if that does not make it run I will buy an ignition module from anyone (JIM WHERE ARE YOU?) who can overnight it. My 1971 Skylark also picked now for a carb rebuild, I have no car!



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Richard, Why pay for overnight?

Just call the local salvage yard for an ignition module/coil pack for a 1992 Pontiac Transport and have it delivered to your mechanics shop. Total cost will be about $50.00 and your mechanic can install it in less then 30 minutes.

Or if they won't deliver, call a cab and make sure the yard has it ready when you get there and pick it up and deliver it to the mechanic youself.

If you don't need the the ignition module because the crank sensor is/was what was wrong wit the car you will have a very valuable back up. You will need that ICM/coil pack one day.

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