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1954-53 Chevrolet Rear Bumper

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I'm looking for a little bit of information if someone is so inclined. I am looking for a great source of NOS or Original Re-chromed bumpers, specifically a rear 3-piece bumper for a 53/54 Chevrolet Sedan.

I have called around to just about all the 53/54 parts suppliers I could find and have not had any luck, and was at first holding out to find a real nice original one.. to match my driver condition 1954 Chevrolet Bel Air... but am now realizing that may be a pipe dream... and many folks have offered their good and strait cores to me, but I was hoping to find a bumper with excellent original chrome or an older rechrome job...

Does anyone know of any real good quality replaters who sell original or replated original bumpers? I'm thinking my best bet might be to find someone like this as a parts source, not necessarliy someone who deals in only chevy parts. And I would feel better purchasing from a shop with a great reputation.

Thank you in advance for any insight or advice.

Please E-mail me at arb225@comast.net with any information or leads...

Attached is a picture of the vehicle I am looking to get the bumper for.


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Thank you for your suggestion... I have bought a few items from them, but at this time, they do not have any rechromed bumpers for sale... they, as with just about all parts places I call, want to sell me the new 1-piece reproduction bumpers... I am looking for an original 3-piece style...

thanks again!

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