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1997 Buick Le Sabre question


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My son in law is looking for a drive to work car. He found this car on craigs list with 229000 miles on it. The current owner says that it has low oil pressure.

My question is do you think it is a pressure sending unit that is "fooling" this guy? How can I check it or do I have to put a new oil pressure sending unit in it to be sure?

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To isolate the problem you would need to unscrew the sending unit and somehow attach a mechanical gage. If you could rig a pressure hose with the correct threaded fitting you could get the gage out were it would be easy to read.

The oil pump on those cars is in the front housing. If the pressure is actually low it could be caused by a weak or stuck relief valve. I do not know how many miles a 3800 engine will go but several Reatta owners have reported cars with 250K.... so it may have a few miles remaining.

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There are enough cars around at near giveaway prices that I would not consider something with over 100,000 miles unles there was something special going on.

AFAIR the 97ish 3800 had a problem with the EGR eroding the plasic inake until coolant leaked into the manifold and was a direct function of engine hours.

That said I had quite a number of LeSabres from Avis and were very comfortable cars and you could display almost anything from the left toadstool.

pps even the General said not to trust the dash readout. OTOH I had a 90 Bonneville 3800 that did that - very low oil pressure - 19 psi max. Ran fine otherwise. Replaced sender same same. Drove 1,000 miles home when dealer said it was the gauge and put a mech gauge on in the garage - 0 idle, 19 psi max. Found two mangled cam bearings in the oil pan. Everything else looked perfect and was running good but replaced the long block anyway.

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