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I have one pair of what I believe to be Packard Headlamps from 1905-1911. I am inherited them and am trying to establish value. On the headlamps is an inscription that says "Made for Cadillac by Gray and Davis". I also have the mounting brackets. I believe these were electric headlamps just because I see cut wires. Can anybody help me out?

The person had them identified as Made for Cadillac. Was Packard made by Cadillac?

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If they're in nice condition they would be valuable whichever car they are for. One thing you have to know is that there aren,t any price guides for parts. you pretty much have to research it by finding completed sales on ebay or contact vendors who might have similar parts for sale. those vendors will only offer about a quarter of what they would sell it for. The fact that they had wires coming out means it was electrified at some point as car headlughts were mostly carbide in those years. that seriously devalues them. If you can get to hershey you should find a few sets to compare to.Bring good walking shoes.

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