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Proper attire for working on and under Buicks


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Ha-that's pretty good-maybe you have moved from other marques as most Buick guys don't get so dirty writing out the check to "their mechanic"

Obviously, you dont know Willie (old tank), he HATES writing checks for the most part.

If you think these are bad, you should see his "dress" hats.....

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It might appear that the real question might be . . . "WHY so much oil on the bottom of the engine/car rather than IN the proper confines?"

There are some great degreaser laundry soaps/additives, so that the oily cleaning fluid of the parts washer will not "set" the oil stain in the fabric.

If y'all might see one of Old-Tank's modern (incognito) cars at a coin-op laundry, you'll know that he got "found out".

A great collection!



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a good hat showing the work it has done is always nice to see but some info if one wants to get grease out of pants ECT is to fill a spray bottle with Super Clean and spray the greasy parts of the cloths as they go into the washing machine. Most excellent degreaser. Super Clean is available at Walmart among other places. Works good on car parts and washing very dirty engines to. As a precaution tho, don't get it on your hands. your skin will be pealing the next day.

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