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Windshield Glass

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While reinstalling the door glass one of the doors glass broke on me so instead of replacing just the one I replace both of them with new glass. I am at the point of reinstalling the windshield glass but it has a slight yellowish ting to it.

If I install the original one it won't match the doors for clarity so do I replace with a new one or just live with the color difference?

What would you all do?

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doors and windshields are normally made of different types of glass. Tempered glass for the sides and laminated glass for the windshield
My car is a 1931 Packard all the glass was/is laminated.

The door glass I replaced with tempered glass.

I am going to run down to the glass shop now just to see what it will cost to have a new one cut/made.

Thanks for your reply

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I believe I would replace the windshield as well.
Back from glass shop for only $85 I order one. Will box up the orginal one and put it away with the rest of the old parts I have saved.

Well off to the last Cruze night of the season. This will be old Bessie first one since I finished part of her restoration.

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Tom, Does your old original glass have a makers mark on it? I am trying to find what that mark looks like.... Any help?
I don't know off hand but when I get the glass back I will check for you.
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