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Cheap convertible on craigslist NJ


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I know nothing about this car.

90 buick reatta convertible - $1900 (nnj)

<hr> Date: 2010-08-24, 8:46AM EDT

Reply to: sale-ea3uj-1916076384@craigslist.org <sup>[Errors when replying to ads?]</sup>


Runs and drives (Lot) strong engine and transmission, need some tlc (minor thing), need BRAKES car is very hard to stop, 140k miles on and in general good shape in out with no rips on leather, trunk lid need to be painted, $1900.-

165 rte 46 west Lodi nj 07644

Ph 973-614-8400<!-- START CLTAGS -->

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Guest mounthopewalt

"need BRAKES car is very hard to stop"

It may be more serious than brake pads, or as simple as a new accumulator. I would have a mechanic check it out, as there may be more issues that are reflected in the price.

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Even cheap it is too much.

I saw it and took a look after waiting 2 weeks for the deal's mechanic to get it started.

'90 Reatta convert. there are issues.

1. Instrument panel works intermitantly mostly shows blank screen and error.

2. Visor clips broken.

3. Driver side rear roof pin missing (one that holds down roof to cover).

4. Vent window passanger side missing.

5. Hub caps missing.

6. ABS lite on, brakes hard and takes alot of force to stop.

7. Trunk looks like it was pianted then a rag thrown on it and pulled off.

8. Exhaust leak maybe at the cat.

9. Front bumper has dent behind license plate.

10. AC doesn't work.

This is from a 5 minute review of car.

The car is in the back of the lot with 2 or 3 cars in front of it. So I could not even go for ride. He was asking $2900, now down to $1900.

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The non-moving vent window that the side mirror is on.

Guess I'm showing my age, when did they stop making vent windows '80's?

GM started in the late '60s. I think my dads '67 Electra had them, but his '70 Electra did not. Some google image searching would confirm.

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Guest Richard D

They went from manual wing windows to power wing windows (some very clever, would lower first then main window or rotate when switch pushed) to no wing windows. This is progress? I know 95% of cars now come with A/C, probably due to Astro-Ventilation.

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My 1971 Oldsmobile Cutlass had the awesome crank vent windows. I sure do miss them, you didn't need air-conditioning with them open, guess that’s why they stopped making them, they made more $ selling air conditioners.

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