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1922/4 Packard Speedo wanted

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Hi, Bernie.I just acquired an old dash panel which I believe has the Packard crest in the center. It has the speedometer and a few other guages but it is missing a few. The ignition switch has the coil right behind it. I will try to post a picture of it tomorrow.If it's what you need we can discuss price. The panel is a semi circle,flat on the bottom.

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They were Waltham clock and speedo. The speedo drum is air drive; ie it follows the spinning inner drum, against return spring, by the viscous drag of the air in the very narrow clearance between. The outer drum is very very delicate.

Three other cars that used the same ones but varied decorative shape of the mounting piece were Mercer Series Six, Lincln, and Pierce Arrow Model 80. The latter two might be a chance for you.

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