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Help, need info about 1915 International Truck

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(SOLD FOR 8,000) Sat., Aug 28th this truck will be auctioned off. It is 15 miles south of Dayton, OH. The truck was restored 40 years ago and kept in a heated basement garage. The paint is very good with some signs of chipping or wear as I would expect. There is no rust and the engine appears to turn over with the crank. It has solid wheels in good condition with gouges around the edges.

The owner passed away in Jan 2010 and no one knows how to start, shift, or drive the truck. I am interested in an approximate value for bidding.

All photos were taken in the garage with a flash. feel free to post any questions.











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Truck sold at auction for $8,000. I talked with daughter who said her father restored the car in the late 50's. The kids used to used to pile in the back and ride around town ending up for ice cream. Yes, the paint has chipped in several places but it is shiny and clean.

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Did you buy it?

I think the price was about right ...... It does need some effort applied

This is the larger engine and gearbox 1915-16 I916 had a metal frame

The four cylinder truck killed two's production

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