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Weird Dynaflow leak

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Well, the old '53 is occasionally leaving a few drops of antifreeze mixed with trans. fluid. I'm assuming it's the cooler...I've never studied the cooler at all...anyone know where one of those would leak that kind of mixture? Can it be replaced in the car? Any other thoughts? Thanks for any input...I've already replaced the front pump seal and o-ring and torque ball seal...can't be too much else left (knock on wood).

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Here are some photos of what the cooler looks like with the 1953 transmission out. It may be difficult to remove while the tranny is in the car. There are two bolts that hold the cooler bracket onto the transmission. You can see one of the bolt heads in the first photo. You may be able to get your hand or a socket back there while it is in the car.

Your leak could be a transmission fluid line and a coolant line, or something going on inside the cooler. Good luck.




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That one I had out had a small pin hole leak in the sheet metal causing a small coolant drip. Put a little epoxy on it and so far so good. If you have an internal leak I would try an old radiator shop and see if they can fix it up.

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Hey man, for what it's worth here's what I found on mine:

I put the Buick up on ramps this morning. Wiped everything clean, spread newspapers underneath and let her sit. No leaks. Then I started her up and let her run for awhile and get up to temperature and then shut her off and watched for leaks. I think I found the leak! It appears to have been coming from a new frost plug that was put in. It seems that the nut on the end had loosened a bit and anti freeze was running down the block, onto the oil pan and dripping beneath the car. I've attached some pics.

Let's hope that's it!







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Well, I have left this car sitting in the back of the garage for about 3 or 4 days now, and the only leak from that area is a rust/water drip from the road draft tube, which is undoubtedly somewhat rusty inside from being 57 years old. I'm hoping that's all the leak was and I misinterpreted it...the cooler doesn't seem to be dripping at all. I'll keep you all posted if my diagnosis changes! On an unrelated note, it's no wonder these old things are so greasy when you get your hands on them...I pulled the engine for a rebuild three years ago, and it's got an oily film over all kinds of stuff underneath...3 years and it's dirty. :)

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