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Original (?) 1933 Cadillac V16 Fleetwood Body/Interior Catalog

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1933 CADILLAC V16 FLEETWOOD BODY STYLE CATALOG Original - eBay (item 120612837316 end time Aug-30-10 13:26:49 PDT)

I found this catalog amid a bunch of older original and reproduced Cadillac literature in a used book shop. I believe that this piece is a real, original catalog from Fleetwood Body for the 1933 Caddy. I do know that this catalog was reproduced at one time by someone, however I cannot imagine a reproduction that would have been printed this well on paper this expensive. The other reproductions were all photocopies mounted in reproduced covers. I've described it in the listing as accurately as I can.

If anyone believes this is the reproduced item, let me know via a p.m. or on this thread. I do not want to represent it as the real thing if it is not.

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