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Guest wildcat62

Rick, a BCA member up here has a really nice convertible for sale, would be considered a modified since someone painted it black, but one of a kind. If you want more info on it, let me know.

They might seem a bit sluggish after driving the 63, but they are a nice ride. And the gas mileage is a LOT better! :)

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Rick I would make sure that the transmission is in good working order. I have been fighting mine in my 84 for a year now. There is several others on the forum that are having some issues also. I think that I am about to get mine finally worked out, but I would check it and recheck it. Other than tranny issues the car runs great. They just float down the road and the 84 and 85 have the headliner and they are quieter than the 82 and 83. I have one of each.


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I'm happy with the 82 that I bought recently Rick. I'm still picking though some mechanical stuff as I have time, but the body is rust free and solid. Rides like a dream and is a lot of fun to drive. I need to replace one front axle as one of the boots is bad. As soon as I get a Kubota tractor out of the way that is in for a clutch job. The axle is about $120, but they give you around $80 for the core so it ends up about $40 for an axle with new boots. And all you need to do is put it in. Dandy Dave!

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Take a look at the Autocheck report - salvage title - the car was a total loss at some time. That takes away 50% of the value.

I just received the Sept/Oct Riview from the ROA - seven 82s, six 83s, and one 85 convert listed, many by longtime ROA members. I'd try to stick with one being sold by a member.

Just my two cents worth.

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Guest Russ Edwards

My 82 Convertible Is On eBay

Hi Rick –

Although there is much, much more in common between the 82-85 Riviera convertibles than there are differences, it pays to be familiar with all of them before you make a buying decision, if only to avoid regrets later. I mean, if you get an earlier car and then find you prefer the later grill (one of the very few visible differences) that will always nag at you.

Same with the subtle differences in different year’s interiors. Even a missing option can bug some owners. I would miss, for example, having the fiber-optic headlamp monitors like my car has, silly as that may sound. Same with the leather sport steering wheel and the real chrome road wheels. But that’s just me. Some prefer the classy “wood” inlay on the stock steering wheel and the fancy wire hub caps.

And of course color can be a big deal, even though only two were originally available. People tend to be polarized about the colors. The red cars are very elegant, very classy, very rich. But the “lipstick” white/red steals the show (in my humble opinion.)

But to narrow the choice, the first thing I would consider is do I want a pure stock, original car, or do I just want a nice Riviera convertible to drive, knowing they are all nice regardless of, say, being a non-original color.

Obviously purists like me want totally original. But that California car on eBay you mentioned may very well be a nice, cheap ride, despite being a “Dub.”

Sure, it has a salvage title and that will never go away. But it may have only suffered fresh water flood damage, or it may have been merely a recovered stolen car. I am not certain of all the situations that could result in a salvage title, but I don’t think it necessarily means it was a twisted heap at one point.

I also know there are very talented and dedicated “Dub” and “Low-Rider” guys in California that can put some traditional restorers to shame. They take great pride in their cars and despite their style – metalflake paint, huge rims, trunks filled with audio gear - not being to my personal taste, their craftsmanship is often show winning quality.

So that car might be one way to go, especially for the price. Of course, looking closely at the rear seat photo, and being suspicious of what the dash cover might be hiding, it might be wise to lay an eyeball on the actual car if you were serious and the price goes any higher.

At the other extreme are convertibles like these:

A red 83 on craigslist in Indiana for $9,999.00

**Only 1750 made - 1983 Buick Riviera Convertible

Or this, a white 82 in Nashville with 19,222 miles for $17,989.00!!


(These ads may have expired by the time you read this, but I have copies if necessary.)

A dealer in Ohio has a white 83 with 65,588 miles for $14,980.00

The Ron Haus Auto Group - Inventory

Search his inventory for Buick and Riviera.

There are also $10k plus convertibles frequently listed on eBay.

For another reference point, perhaps a more realistic one these days, you might want to look at my white 82 currently listed on eBay.

Search for the following item number:


Or try this link:

Buick : Riviera: eBay Motors (item 230516853414 end time Aug-28-10 18:30:00 PDT)

As of this writing – after 1 am Friday morning in Florida – my car has been bid to $3740.00.

This is a relisting, as last week the car was ultimately bid to $5200, which was short of the reserve. There were higher private offers, but those came with strings making those deals more complicated than I prefer.

I have substantially lowered the reserve this time (which I am beginning to regret.)

My car does have an added headliner to the top, which is “wrong” for an 82, but as you can see in the picture on the listing, it makes a world of difference, giving the interior a finished appearance.

I copied my headliner picture below, as well as a snagged picture from another car on eBay with the top frame ribs showing. Big difference, and as has been reported, quieter.

As to engine choice, my 307 / 4bbl is more than adequate both around town and on the highway, where ~25 mpg on regular and cruise control is not uncommon. I own faster cars, but this one is built for comfort – serious comfort.

Overall, I am guessing that this economy has forced more of these convertibles on the market than normal (someone correct me if I am wrong on that) which has made this a buyers’ market and has killed the price. Once these extra cars are bought up – mostly by collectors and bargain hunters (bottom feeders?) - you would expect the prices to increase somewhat. I would suspect that nice “top down” weather in the fall and spring would also run up the prices a bit.

Point is, this is about as cheap as these cars have ever been, and if you are a buyer, now is the time, isn’t it?

Personally, I think these Riviera convertibles are stupid cheap now, and if my growing business wasn’t sucking every minute and every dollar out of me right now, I would be on a Riviera buying spree.

I hope this helps, Rick…

Russ . . .



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"the fiber-optic headlamp monitors" What the............?????

Thanks Russ and all for the input.

I'm mostly looking for a correct driver that might score a Bronze someday.

If the Grandkids spill ice cream or fries so what.

Gramma won't let them ride in the 63 because no seat belts. I don't want to ad A/C to it either.

I've been winked at by something other than a Riv. So we'll see where that goes.

Would like a Riv so I can "Run with the best". But then again those Reatta people......They're great too and then there's the BDE...so many Buicks and great people.

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Headliners were OE on the '84 and '85's Nice touch indeed. They WILL get sun bleached toward the front if you have the top down and don't keep it covered with the boot.

The earlier Rivs did not have the 325-4L transmission. It was the 325 without the o/d. Hence, you also have a higher numerical drive gear.

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Guest Fred_S

Rick, I would just echo several others on the 84-85 being the preferred years - headliner, turbo availability, etc. I drove several cars, then decided on an 84 turbo from a performance and gas mileage standpoint. Also the rarity factor helped me decide as eventual resale should be better. Good luck on whatever you decide.

Fred (when did this happen?)

41 Century, 69 Sportwagon, 70 GS 455 Conv

78 LXXV Riv, 84 Turbo convert, 98 Riv "driver"

6 Crosleys and other nonsensense

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addition (see edit history)
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Guest wildcat62
Fred has now officially joined this nonsensense.

When did this happen?:eek:

Watch out for more Syrdal shenanigans!

Doomed, I say.....dooooooooooooommmmeed!

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Guest Fred_S

fiber-optic headlight/taillight monitors don't come on the convert as there is no place for the rear unit to mount. Local very nice'83 V-8 convert with excellent interior wrong wheels and black paint is at $6500. Yes the turbo is much fun. Oh, and kids: knock it off!

Fred S

41 Century, 69 Sportwagon, 70 GS 455 cvt

78 Riv LXXV, 84 Riv turbo cvt, 98 Riv "driver"

6 Crosleys, partridge in pear tree, whatever...

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