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Any idea what this Stromberg carb. fits?


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I recently bought a group of old carbs. This in the box and I would like to know what type of car it is from. it is a 1bbl. Stromberg and it is marked BXOV-2, stamped ubder that is 385747, Thanks for your help, Daryl



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Guest Commodore

This maybe a replacement carb. All the references I can find for a Stromberg Model BXOV-2 have a part number of 380XXX which is not even close to 385747.

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Guest 41 Plymouth

The 385747 numbers are meaningless on this carburetor. The numbers stamped on the fuel bowl by the inlet and the numbers stamped on the barrel are used for identification. There is a circle with #s by the fuel inlet. on mine it reads P-246-2. On the barrel it reads P-23854. You can identify the replacement kit for this carburetor @ THE CARBURETOR SHOP / Carburetors for sale by application

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