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1946 Canadian Pontiac Mounts?

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I have a 46 Canadian Torpedo 6 4 door sedan. The rear (side) two motor mounts that came with the car seem to have been build out of a bolt and hard rubber bushings stacked on the bolt. The mounts I see listed in Pontiac and Chevy parts book (frame is Chevy) don't seem to be the right size. Is there a specific mount I must use or do I need to add some sort of adapter from mount to frame for it to work?


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I had the (mostly) same problem with my canadian 53, I found the transmission PG mount (each side the bellhousing) under 46-47 chevy. On the gaz pump, i found that it's from older years chevy or pontiac. I know now that some parts on our canadian pontiac came from older stock, look carefully with older chevy or pontiac, you will (maybe) find it. Good luck.


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