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About the "closed" inner-tube topic

Guest bofusmosby

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Guest bofusmosby

I must admit that I am troubled by this thread being closed. All this info is very valid to those who have suffered from this. Would it have been better if someone would have lost their life? I am NOT downing these companies for selling these defective tubes. However, to NOT notify all customers that could face a mishap along the way is inexcusable! What is the problem here? Will this thread also be closed because it might be pointing a finger at a company that has NOT practiced ethical business practices?

Something it definately wrong here. I will never shy away from the truth. If the truth hurts someone, maybe instead of looking to the person who is speaking the truth, instead look to the truth, and see for what reason this truth is being spoken. I am really confused about this topic. This was the second thread about this subject to be closed.

Here are the facts as I see them.

(1) A company has sold a product that was defective, un-be-known to them at the time.

(2) This defective product could have caused someones death, if the problem occured at the wrong time.

(3) After the fact, the company was made aware of these problems about the defective tubes.

(4) After realizing that there was, or even could be a problem, the company chose to handle this problem when a complaint was filed, on a case-by-case basis.

(5) This company chose to NOT notify every customer to at least "warn" them of a possible problem.

(6) By the lack of their actions, this company put the customers lives in possible danger.

These facts were drawn on certain conclusions because of

(1) Come to find out that we have a number of members here who have had to contend with these faulty tubes.

(2) None of these members were ever contacted by any company stating that their tubes might be defective.

(3) One of our leading members had contact with the company, and the company even admitted that they have a bunch of tubes that they will NOT sell because they may be defective.

(4) The company also admitted that this problem has been taken care of now ( admitting they knew of this problem), so the tubes they are selling now are OK.

What is so wrong with this picture? Have I said anything that is not true? I don't appreciate be sensored, especially if it is the truth.

Believe me, I am not looking to start any trouble, I just want you to realize that by removing this thread, then by your actions also, someone might get hurt, or even worse if their tubes fail at the wrong place and time.

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So far, so good with this thread Jim. Using the term "company" is fine.

When you start naming names in public, you enter into litigious territory. I'm sure you are aware of the number of lawsuits that are ongoing at any time of the year. The AACA would prefer not to be involved with lawsuits. We had a close encounter with one last year, as a matter of fact.

So please, if there is a legitimate concern of a product or company, have everyone e-mail you for the details. That way, we can continue to have the AACA Forum for our enjoyment, instead of just a memory.


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So, why then, Mr. Burgess was the thread warning fellow members of this community about a potentially life-threatening situation now "closed"? The names have all been redacted. One possible answer is that by "locking" the thread, it will move down the forum ladder and grow "cold". With over 2000 hits in three weeks, this topic is apparently of some interest to the readers of this forum. The topic is unlikely to grow cold anytime soon. http://forums.aaca.org/f143/warning-defective-inner-tubes-286287.html

Don't you feel it's your civil duty to advise members that they may be placing themselves in harm's way? Or are we simply "folding like a bad poker hand" to corporate pressure? One of the beautiful things about the internet is the public's ability to share information.

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One of the beautiful things about the internet is the public's ability to share information.

You're sharing information right now Joe, by discussing it. As I posted earlier, shared information is fine, just don't accuse people or companies by name.

If you have pertinant "named" information to share, do so by PM or e-mails. Should be simple?

That's about the best that I can explain it. You can contact Steve Moskowitz if you need further direction at Headquarters. 717-534-1910


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I agree with both Joe and Wayne:

Safety is an issue even at the low mph our cars generally travel and the fact that buyer

beware will not get the word out about vendors.

But in the famous words of Forrest Gump:

My momma always said, "Life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get."

So, most of the people who are vendors are honest. But when dealing with a generally well to do customer who searches for parts not made for 80 plus years some vendors sell sizzle and we find no steak. That does not make it right but I believe this site does an excellent service of buyer head's up. Thanks to each and both of you Joe and Wayne.


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Hi All,

As Dodge Brothers Club President I was notified by Steve that he was asked to close the thread. There are reasons that can not be made public at this time and issues to be resolved.

I would like to thank those who brought attention to this problem as it is a very serious one.

For fear of jeopardizing the on going discussions, it would be in the best interest of this forum to let this tube problem be discussed via PM's or e/m's.

Thanks for your understanding.

BTW I didn't forget the club members that do not follow the AACA forum. In the next issue of the DBC News this tube problem will be adressed.

Joe C.

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