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What make, model is this mystery vintage car?

Guest 4HQ

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First of all,...

Thank you for taking the time to read this,..

I need outside help to determine what this mystery car is.

These are the little know facts, as per the owner.

1. This is a body only,...no chassis (so,.. no id plates).

2. The grill belongs to an Auburn, it looked like it would fit, so, on it went.

3. The hood top is aluminum, the rest of the car is steel.

4. Some one prior to me said it was a James Young Alfa 6C 1500. I compared pictures. The windshield doesn't have the lower curves. These fenders are wider. 6C has slats for engine compartment ventilation, so in my opinion Alfa is on hold.

Here are my 2 cent thoughts.

1. The hood latches say " Tenaxic 31831X pat " - that would indicate American.

2. The massive engine compartment vents match Packards. But the grill line would not accommodate a Packard grill, theres no swoop in the hood.

3. Vents are similar to the 1929 Lincoln.

4. The doors might have been chopped, now look like MG.

Not so obvious clues:

1. The bumper looks like Rolls Royce.

2. The swept tail is similar to RR.

3. There is a crease / seam on top of all 4 bumpers,..I can't place that to any model,..but the RR's do have that in a few Phantom II and III models.

4. I don't think this is a home made creation,..if it is,.. the square nut on the inside looks period.

I'm not sure how many pictures I can load, attached is a link to the rest.


If someone recognizes the engine compartment handle or the vent door handles,..this would be a positive clue to make/ model.

Any thoughts?

Here is a nice link to Coupes and convertibles of the 30's.

Old Convertible Pictures

I am trying to Identify the 2 door Maroon car in the loft,..the additional pictures simply show the similar engine vents for comparison.

The car is for sale:





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Grille shell looks like a circa 1932 Chrysler, rear fenders and gas takl look like MG-TC or a PreWar MG. Cowl looks to be a sedan item with the fixed posts. Most likely a 1950's project that was never finished. Start looking for that Alfa 6C-1500 running gear!

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1. The hood latches say " Tenaxic 31831X pat " - that would indicate American.

According to Google and Yahoo, there is no such thing as a Tenaxic. It must have been a VERY small, short-lived manufacturer. Also the patent number is VERY low, indicating that this latch (at least) did not come from the U.S. It must be from a much smaller country. I'd be willing to bet it's European.

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I saw these lights on Craigslist, I'm tempted to buy them.

Then for sure it would be mixed fruit on wheels.

When all is said and done I would strive to compete against this Japanese car in blue.



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Hello members,

This could well be an Armstrong Siddeley body from the British company famous for their cars and aeroplanes. The radiator cowling is typical. The fuelcap has the name Tenaxit on it which was a Britsh firm making carkeys.

They might also have made locks and apparently did make a quick release mechanism for the bonnet.

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This is going to seem totally off the wall, but when I saw that last picture the grille looked to me like a 31 Reo Royale. I dismissed it since a lot of more knowlegeable guessers came up with nothing closeto that. Then I came across a post by Barry Brown in the buy/sell forum of a day or two ago where he needs fender lights for his newly acquired coupe and, well shut my mouth wide open ,There is that grille and the hood seems to have those vent doors. Check it out.

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I saw the same post. I contacted Barry and he assured me that there were differences. He was kind enough to send a picture of his 31'. I would post it here, but don't have his permission.

Up a few photographs, there are 2 Nashes in a picture I posted. The lights are similar to the ones this mystery car is missing and maybe the ones Barry needs.

I also found pictures of a Nash, the vents are similar,..large and numerous.

Cadillac and Packards also also close. The answer to this is to issue is to work backwards. I need to find out or discover the manufacturer of the "handles" or "ornaments"on the vent doors.

If you want to throw a 'side winder" into this pile of thoughts,...I was told the lines on the rear fender could be the outline of a Boat tail.





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