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Fuel system contamination

Guest 56 Rum Runner

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Guest 56 Rum Runner

I recently had a local mechanic who's very good (he's been working on these cars since they were new) rebuild my carb and clean / braise and line my tank. He used Red Kote to line the tank. After I got the car back I put about a hundred miles on it and it just stopped running. After troubleshooting on my own I determined it was a carb issue. I pulled the carb back off and took it to him. When he opened it up it was a mess. The steel check balls and butterfly plates had turned black. The body was full of super fine rust (like powder) and the brass float arm had been corroded. Carb cleaner wouldn't touch the black and he had to use a media blaster to get it off. I pulled both fuel filters off and they were nearly clogged with the fine rust. I drained 12 gallons out of the tank and the fuel was red (like grape fruit juice). I filled an old pickle jar and let it set. There's a very thin "milky" layer at the bottom with the rust powder in it. I read on Red Kote's site and they said that fuel with a ethenol content greater than 10% can leach the red die out of the liner (which doesn't affect it's performance) so that probably explains the color, but I don't know what's in the fuel that could've attacked the carberator like that. I trust Tom when he says he followed the directions and I know he's lined lots of tanks. I've seen the results of an improperly lined tank that didn't dry and it had globs or strings of red material in the fuel. Any ideas? :confused:

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