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High Noon with an Automatic

Guest don1953

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Guest Don_Birdsong

I was able to catch up on my magazine reading on my vacation last week and was interested in the title of West Peterson's column in the current Antique Automobile about photography.I'm a new DSLR user and have been interested in articles and other info to learn car photography. Several months back while researching my DSLR purchase I PM'ed West with the misinformed comment and question"I enjoy the great pictures in Antique Automobile,what kind of camera do you use?".West politely answered with the type of camera but also said my comment could be insulting to a real photographer because composition and setting the seen is just as if not more important than the type of equipment used. Since I got my new Nikon I've really found this out. I've taken some good pictures and some bad ones.There's a learning curve to my new hobby and I'm finding out exactly what he meant.There were really great tips and information in the article. I look forward to Hershey to see how I well I can apply what I've learned so far.

Thanks West.

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You're welcome, Don. I'm glad you took my constructive criticism in the spirit in which it was meant. I really don't consider myself a photographer, and any professional photographer seeing my photos would probably agree. I think of myself more as a "compositionist."

There are many websites that give great hints to photographers, both novice and professional, which help answer questions as to how to set up the camera itself. It's amazing how you can completely change the look of a photo by adjusting the F stop, shutter speed, ISO, etc., not not to mention what you can do with playing with different lenses.

One of the biggest obstacles for me to overcome is that of patience. It seems I'm always in much too big of a hurry to take the time and "set up" a shot, change lenses, "monkey" with settings, etc. I've got to learn how to slow down, yet still get all my work done.

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