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WTB 1990-'91 Gray Seats (both 8 & 16 ways needed)


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*I am in need of the light gray seats - need a set of seats for my 90 coupe (will buy either 8 or 16 way seats for this car),


**I am in need of the light gray seats - need a set for my 1991 roadster (will buy either 8 or 16 way seats for this car as well - would prefer 8 way if available)

Also - under separate post:

***I need 2 sets of the light gray FLOOR MATS for my 90 coupe and 91 roadster.

I really only need one Floor Mat for the 90 coupe, but will buy both.

**** I need 2 light gray door panels for a '90 to 1991 (actually will purchase two sets if they become available .... I am not sure if there is a difference, but 1 set would be for a 1990 coupe and 1 set would be for a 1991 roadster.

Thanks for any consideration,

Nic Walker

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Thanks fot hte replys gentlemen...

Jon.... I have called and no answer.....will try again

Randy...I need all leather, but they are probably neat...are they all gray? Would they look OK in a black 91 roadster? How would yu ship - what shipper, and how much to ship please? Thanks Randy

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Reatta seat shipping - Home Depot (and of course household goods movers and storage facilities) have a wardrobe measuring 24"x24"x35" which works out perfectly. Just be prepared to have a lot, repeat a lot, of packing material to get a shippable package. Normally I am suspect of Greyhound shipping but I have seen them move seats from the East Coast to the West Coast and carry well. Other alternatives would be UPS and I have seen Fedex move seats from Florida to Los Angeles at not unreasonable prices. Always wise to insure. I would think it worth while to check truck lines but try to minimize the number of interchange points to hold down the handling. You can expect each seat to weigh from 125 to 135 pounds plus or minus a couple. Should the question come up, you have very slightly under 12 cubic feet in each wardrobe. When booking your freight, be sure to have a clear understanding of the rates and surcharges involved.

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