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Steering wheel clocks of the 1950s

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has anyone ever seen a steering wheel clock installed in a classic Rolls Royce, Mercedes, Jaguar, MG or Triumph? Or even an advertisement selling them to car owners of the era?

I have been collecting Swiss made self winding Steering wheel clocks that were Chrysler approved accessories from 1953-58 and the same company that made them for Chrysler made them for the aftermarket also. Here is one for the aftermarket.


They were a very expensive piece with a retail cost near $50 so I can not see them getting very many sales on the aftermarket unless it was on an upscale car.

they were made to go in the center of the steering wheel and would wind with normal driving the measurements were as follows

2 3/4" across maximum width

2 3/8" across the raised portion that contains the winding mechanism (hole needed to mount flush)

1 1/2" total depth

NOS Benrus steering wheel watch clock 1950s rare option: eBay Motors (item 290466429937 end time Aug-28-10 08:42:25 PDT)

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