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'88 White/Burgandy coupe, (3)'89 parts cars plus parts stock $2k for all!!

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With a great deal of agony, I have decided to close the upper midwest Reatta orphanage, inspired by recent economic developments.

All cars and parts must vacate the farm ASAP, as ownership may change hands as soon as 9/28.

here is a quiklist of the bulk offering:


(1) 1988 Reatta coupe White/Burgandy 182k miles runs smooth, good trans, very good overall condition, excellent interior, AKA Bambi-Killer (deer strike repairs completed years ago, no serious accidents), great tires.


IT WILL NEED NEW ISOLATORS, AND NEW DASH SEAL, no others repairs needed, but must be repaired before roadworthy - so plan on towing it home.

(3) 1989 designated parts cars, all with clear titles - Blue/blue, White/burgandy, Claret/gray.


White/Burgandy '89 - Rolling bucket-o-parts, missing RF fender, R corner/vent window, and some interior parts which are part of included parts stock. 281k miles, runs smooth, trans good, VACUUM BOOSTER BRAKE SYSTEM-NO TEVES.


CLARET/GRAY '89 - Rolling bucket-o-parts, front header bent from collision - no hood, front fenders, bumper. Interior mostly removed - yet many parts in stock, except seats. clean body, missing R vent window.


Blue/blue '89 - mostly parted-out, no hood, bumper, L fender. Good engine, trans taillamp & remaining sheet metal, some interior parts remain in included stock.

I prefer to sell all 4 cars and truck-load of parts in a single transaction, along with the remaining stock of Field service manuals for 88, 89, 91 Reattae.

We're busy moving to another home nearby, so my replies may involve a delay, so don't get discouraged - I will reply.

I also own a number of Reatta-specific special tools, some of which may be negotiated into the deal, including CRT tester, Teves breakout box, pressure tester, etc.

Pix of most are at photobucket, username will-e-bay, or search photobucket for Reatta.

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GAAAHHHH!!!!! I wish I lived closer!! I would take this off your hands in a heart beat. Hope you find someone soon!

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You and me both, Marck!

The value of the parts stock alone may cover the cost of a car-hauler to transport all 4 cars and parts stock!

We'll have room to keep the parts stock, yet not the cars - I don't want to send them to scrap.





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