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1963 Buick Riviera parked for almost 40 years

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(I wont include the history here about how I got this car, search my name on this forum for all the stories. I dont need this project anymore - I found a car for my dad, gave it to him, so thats scratched off my list of things to do - now I have to sell the project)

1963 Riviera, original dark green, saddle interior. Parked in 1971. Clear illinois title verifies original 67,000 miles on the clock. Needs finish restoration, but make no mistake its a project. But its a true, original 1st gen in excellent original shape. The pictures show it all - currently the engine is out, interior is mostly out. This is the list of stuff you get:

- Original numbers matching 401 block, heads, intake, carb, etc

- 1964 425 engine, already has dynaflow 401 crank installed, was pulled from a running, driving 64. Has its own intake, carb, heads, etc.

- 1963 Buick Riviera, all parts, trim, glass, chrome, interior, etc - all in great condition. Still sitting on bias-plys it was parked with in 71.

- New heater core already installed

- 2 radiators, 1 good one (from the 64 the engine came from)

- Clarks Corvair parts already purchased in matching saddle interior (HAE color)

-- Complete set of seat covers in vinyl - $585

-- fiberglass rear package tray in saddle vinyl - $325

-- dark wood trim inserts for door panels - $250

-- optional console dark wood trim inserts - $250

-- gold colored molded carpet set for the riviera - $200

-- gold colored matching bound and edged floor mats

-- seat foam (seat buns) for both front seats

-- I also have boxes of parts too much to name. Much of it I acquired over the years - and most of it is not needed for this car, but I took the stuff anyway. - extra turn signal bezels, extra set of 1st gen doors, spindles, control arms, dash cluster, grill and headlight assembly, muffler, tierod assembly, etc.

- You also get the new timing chain, oil pump, water pump, gasket set, carb rebuild kit, etc that I bought for the engine - much of it has already been installed - main and rod bearings, timing chain, freezeplugs, etc.

I have already POR-15s and rustoleum covered the entire floor pan, and I have the sheet metal pieces to cover the holes and the cement to glue them in (they are small holes in the 4 corners of the interior nothing structural)

Because the car sat so long, you can expect to clean/rerun brake lines, fuel lines, wheel cylinders, etc. The car rolls and steer fine. Before I pulled the engine, I checked the electrical system, lights, radio, turn signals, power antenna, blower, etc all worked. This car has the "deluxe interior", manual windows (that all work), the auto-seek AM radio. Dash pad has a crack about an inch long from the corner of the defroster vent to the windshield, and another one 2 inches long on the passenger side along the windshield - they are not visible while sitting in the car. Steering wheel has 2 small cracks, but in remarkably great shape.

The prices I paid from Clarks are from memory - but they are very close. I spent a lot of time and money on this car - and am selling for basically half of what i spent on the project. You will need to trailer it home - Im in the suburbs of Chicago, 10 minutes west of OHare. A steal at $3500 for all of it - first person confirmed to take it I will hold it for. email me at todd_@_toddware.com[/email"]todd_@_toddware.com"]todd_@_toddware.com[/email] (remove the spaces....)

To look at all the pictures, browse to

Vehicle Photo Gallery

go to "old vehicles" then to "dads 63 riviera"


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