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1930 Dodge Brothers 1 Ton


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I originally put this in the Dodge thread by mistake. Just learning the ropes.

I have a 1930 (We believe) Dodge Brothers 1 Ton. Serial D229XXX. It came with 4 cylinder Silver dome engine. However, I believe the carb has been swapped and the air cleaner is missing. Can anyone tell me what the correct carburator for that engine might have been? And where I might find one?

- George<!-- google_ad_section_end -->

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Hi George, without spending too much time ( because of a lack of time at this point ) I have been able to locate a photo of a 1/2 ton powereplant that used the 4cyl engine, I know that 3/4 ton used the 4 cyl engine as well ( according to an original parts list I have ) and would not be surprised if the 1 ton also may have been equipped with a 4 cyl but without really digging into some of the literature I have I cannot say that for sure. I know the autos fairly well but have not spent much time on trucks.

I have attached two pictures for you, one showing the 4 cyl 1/2 ton carb set-up and the other showing the 6 cyl. 1 ton set-up. According to my literature a Carter carb was used on the 3/4 ton 4 cyl powerplants but again have not had the chance to verify what may have been used on the 30 4 cyl engine for 1 ton assuming there was such a set-up.

I would suggest getting in contact with other truck owners that are listed in DB roster, there is a fellow in CA if I remember correctly ( cant remember the exact contact ashamed to say at this point ) that has a 1 ton and was very willing to help me with some inquires I made concerning some other information.

As far as finding the correct unit ( assuming we will find what was correct which I have complete confidence in ) your chances are much better than you might think, it may take some time...may take a great amount of time but the carb. and air cleaner are out there.



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I was able to locate addit. literature that indicated 4 cyl used up until 1 ton ( either 4 or 6 ) and 6 cyl used in 1 1/2 to 3 ton trucks exclusively. 6 cyl would have used a Stromberg carb. I believe I have answered your questions and without need for correction but of course am always anxious to hear what others have to add.

I would like to see pict. of your truck if that is a possability!

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Thanks very much for the tips. Here is a photo of the truck as found. We have our work cut out for us. From everything I have read so far, I believe the 4 cylinder Silver Dome to be the original motor for this particular truck. Thanks very much for the diagrams, they will help alot. We are just getting started with planning the restoration. What to tackle first and so on. - George


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