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If you have read that you need a carburetor with a 1 1/2 inch throat, this information could be misleading.

The S.A.E. size three carburetor is referred to as a nominal 1 1/2 inch. However, measured throat size will vary from about 1 5/8 for Stromberg and Zenith (very efficient) to maybe 1 15/16 for Johnson (very inefficient).

In general, the number following the letter on the brass Strombergs represent the S.A.E. size. The "B" series is an exception. Thus you might be looking for an A-3 or C-3 or G-3......O-3.

This is a physical size, NOT an airflow size. Within each physical size, Stromberg used from 5 to 9 different internal venturi sizes.


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