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1909 Black motor buggy

Guest gravelroad

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Guest gravelroad

I am a new member and first time posting. I am helping a friend with the preservation of a 1909 Black motor buggy. I am looking for other Black owners who may be able to assist with technical information on the car. The present owners great grandfather bought the car new locally in 1909 and is in it's original condition. Would like to know how much oil and what weight should be in the crankcase, technical information on the Schebler carburetor and anything else you might think helpful.

Thanks and hope to hear from you, Jerry

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Schebler carbs were used on early Buicks. Get a copy of "Understanding Your Brass Car" by Harold Sharon. He has a chapter devoted to carbs. that includes Schebler. He also made modified Schebler parts to make them work better.

This book would be a welcome gift for any car enthusiast, tinkerer, and scholar of how things work (or sometimes don't!). 175 pages, 8" x 11". Each chapter discusses a major component, such as brakes, steering, combustion theory, how a spark is formed, ignition and cam timing, bearings and lubrication, wheels and tires, etc. Written by a retired engineer, in clear, plain language. Line drawings to illustrate text.

$24.95 + $4.95 for US priority mail delivery to the Continental US

or + $10.95 for shipping to Canada.

For shipping to all other countries, email me for a quote.

Send Check to:

Jo Sharon

93 Curtis Rd.,

Glastonbury, CT, 06033

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Guest gravelroad

Hi Rick, Thanks for the reply. I have seen pictures of this car too. It looks to be exactly like the one I worked on. Fortunately a very helpful person from Australia contacted me while I still had the car apart with answers to all of the questions I had and more. He has a 1909 McIntyre which has an engine/transmission combination and looks almost identical to the Black. I learned a lot and hope to work with him in the future if and when we do any other work on the Black. I am attaching a couple of pictures of the Black (I hope they come through):). One of it running in my shop after rebuilding the ignition, getting the timing right and setting the carburetor. The other is of the owner and his wife entering into our local parade in Sept. 2010. Thanks again to all those who have replied. Jerry



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Guest gravelroad

Hi again, Oops:D, one of the pics I attached was wrong. Here is the one of the owner entering the parade route (the wrong one was of him just leaving for the parade staging area) along with a couple of others. One of me test driving the Black and the other a picture taken about 1932 in front of the local Ford dealership with the car identified as a 1909 Sears. From all I can gather all Sears cars had tiller steering rather than a steering wheel along with some other differences. Hope everyone enjoys the pics. Jerry




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Guest Clarkehighwheeler

Just came across this thread and though I should reply -

BLACK motor buggy's certainly are very nice indeed and , quite rare on the ground . Here in Australia there are currently four BLACKs , two of which have been recently imported - one is the more common (if one can use that word) two seater , model 112 (a top is fitted as distinct from a buggy which doesn't have a top known as a model 12 ) , The other Black imported has had a van body made , as it is a BLACK based on a delivery chassis . There is an article on this restoration in a recent Horseless Carriage Gazette - vol 75 , No5 , Sept-Oct 2013 .

The other two Blacks are model 112's - one restored and the other being regarded as the most original , still running old auto in Australia . We are very privileged to have this lovely Black in our collection . It is totally original except for a new big end bearing and new wiring - it is just as it came out of the factory in Auburn Indiana and was delivered new to Melbourne Australia where a Doctor became the proud owner . This Black is around the 1906-07 era as far as I can ascertain with a very early engine number and is fitted with a great many extras available at the time from the Black MANUFACTURING COMPANY , 124 EAST OHIO STREET , CHICAGO ILLINOIS USA.

Cheers Clarke & Lin Mayze .post-97679-143142280421_thumb.jpg

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