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64 Riv steering column seal

Guest areheart

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Guest areheart

I am looking to replace the firewall seal for the steering column. Can anyone help me with a source or the part number?


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2 minutes ago, Bdad said:

Is there a link to the public on the process for replacing that seal? I see to get a lot of heat around the base of the steering column and am thinking the seal has gone bad.

If you are referring to Ed's 2010 response above about the article in the Tech Tips on the ROA website, the answer to your questions is "it depends".

If you are a paying member of the ROA, then you have access to the Members Only content via a changing username and PW sent out each month in the club magazine.


Otherwise, no, there is no public access to these portions of the website.

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A non tilt column has a bushing, I seem to remember GM called it  a bearing & not a bushing, in the very end of the tube as well as the "Foam" half way up the column.  To replace either or both the center shaft needs to come out of the column which requires removing the column from the vehicle.

A tilt column ONLY has the "Foam" half way up the column & the bottom of the shaft is free to "Wobble" around as it deems nec. 

Since the rag joint is removable the foam can be replaced by just stuffing another piece of foam inside the column. I go further by making a bushing out of Delron to install at the bottom of the column. This centers the steering shaft & allows NO HOT AIR up the column. I secure it in place with two short self tapping screws. You need a small angle drill & a short drill bit to drill on the sides of the bottom of the collar/tube so the screws cannot be seen that readily.

Don't ask me the size measure it your shelf. I believe it is 2 1/4". Get involved the only way to learn how to do some of this stuff. I know the shaft is 3/4".


Tom T.

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All we need to do is put some foam insulation there. Here's a car under penance of my ownership:

The stell tube that surrounds the steering shaft has perfect hole in it. 


I spray some light oil on the shaft so upcoming foam breaks smooth from the shaft. 

Spray expandable foam in there. Two five second blasts in the last picture. That's plenty. 


5 minutes. 5 dollars.  They even have black foam now. 






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