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Free Website For Any Antique Car Club

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I just started my own website business (www.mybusinessonline.biz) and would like to make an offer to any antique car club that needs a website.

I will create a website for your antique car club on the Microsoft Office Live platform for FREE. If you want a customized name - example: (www.mycarclub.com) it costs me about $10.00 per year - which is exactly what your club would pay. Otherwise you would have a free domain name with a longer extension such as www.myclub.officelive.com.

I make no money on this as I just want to give something back to the AACA and the antique car hobby in general that has given us many friends we otherwise would not have met and very fond memories of antique car shows - (especially Hershey) for many, many years.

Check out the one I just did for my dad's club: www.restoredrustyrelics.com.



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