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V12 engine rebuild

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I am coming close to the end of a restoration on my '48 LC coupe. My new interior is in my basement gathering dust waiting to be installed and the last major thing left to do is to detail the engine compartment. The current engine was redone by a previous owner so I know nothing about it. Since I am wanting to detail the e compartment I want to pull the engine and thought that if I was going to the bother of pulling the engine why not have a fresh one to put back in. I found the find of a life time. A block already prepared. boiled out and cleaned, align bored and bored out .20 over, crank already dressed, it comes with all the bearings,cam shaft bearings already installed and new hardened valve seats. I need pistons, rings, gasket set, oil pump, valves, lifters and water pumps. I want to use high capacity water pumps and oil pump. The latter is where the experienced LZOC friends come in. What is the best place or places to go for these items? I thank you in advance for your advice. Glenn Lorei (b6vt)

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My wife and I visited AACA Forum member Frenchy Dehoux in Tempe, Arizona in November, 2009 on our way to the Santa Maria LZOC swap meet.

Frenchy was just finishing rebuilding a V-12 for a customer in Tucson, but hadn't run it yet.

He subsequently put a video of the engine runing on YouTube (which I am unable to view because of my archaic dial-up phone connection).

Here are some photos of Frenchy's V-12 powered 1932 Ford street rod and the V-12 he just finished rebuilding.






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Glenn, Regarding Frenchy's engine stand:

It appears that Frenchy has drilled a piece of angle iron to fit the exhaust manifold bolt holes and welded it to his engine stand. He has also added a gusset between the upright and the horizontal base for extra stability.

Frenchy's design looks very good to me and enables access to the front and back of the engine while relieving the problem of the extended length of the V-12.

Nice work, Frenchy!


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