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Concours Monterey 2010 pictures


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It's the big car week for Monterey and Pebble Beach. I live about thirty minutes away and drove down on Thursday to see the cars on tour. They stop in Carmel for lunch and it's pretty cool to see them departing. In Carmel you can see some fantastic cars, and it's all free. :-)

I had the still camera and got some pics. But my wife did pretty good using the video feature on her phone, so I'll post links for her videos instead of too many pictures. It was a lot of fun, we really enjoyed ourselves out there.

YouTube - old cars 3

YouTube - old cars

YouTube - old cars 2

YouTube - old cars 1








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This Forum needs more photos like this in the posts, makes for interesting event coverage. Thanks for taking the time to post them. That Type 50 Bugatti on top was a local car for many years. Is that last Duesenberg J-444? If so that was local too, until Otis Chandler had it. Looks great with Blackwalls again!

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Thanks guys, there were a lot of Pierce Arrows and even a few Studebakers. It must have been the theme for this year. Pictures are better than nothing, but the sounds and fumes from the cars made the show. A few of these fancy-dancy million dollar cars ran terrible. It was amusing seeing them backfire and belching smoke. :-) Here are a few more pics











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Yeah, Alsancle, that was beauty. It was sort of funny walking through the cars before they started moving. They were super shinny and perfectly clean except for that one pierce. It was dusty and dirty, the windshield had bug splats, very cool. I think he was smartest owner out there, just open the garage and drive down to pebble beach. Other owners are waxing and polishing for five days prior.

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Wow! One million for a tucker? If I had that kind of money, it would be spent on a Duesenberg for sure. I don't think a Tucker was on this cruise. There was an oddball red car... I'll have to go through my pictures to make sure it wasn't a Tucker.

Someone told me it cost $175 to get into the Concours, and all the auction places are charging hefty fees to get in as well. A little pricey for us poverty stricken types. :-)

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