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1940 Super - Very nice original


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Actually the car is next door... Funny story, I heard about the car a few years back and was trying to contact the seller.... WHEN MY NIEGHBOR walks over to show me the add for this Buick HE wanted to buy.... Yep, same car.... But he knew where the car was.... So I went over to look and WOW! Nice Car... So what to do???

Icalled the guy and never got a call back until some time later..... (After I bought a 41 Cadillac) But my neighbor still wanted the Buick... But the owner told me he had so many calls he had decided to do a backgound check on potential buyers.. I was on the top of the list... My neighbor did not make the list... So I "bought" the car for Bob next door and have "housed" it at his place.......... Now Bob has grown tired of the car and decided to sell..

NICE clean driver... Black car with mostly original paint, nice chrome, interior was redone back in the 80's with a blue cloth (wrong) but looks OK for a driver..

Bob wants 15,000 for the car.. I will forward your email to him..

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