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Baker 36 by 4 1/2 rim

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Larry, my Buick D-55 has a dual spare tire carrier and when I bought the car it had 4 wheels on the ground and 2 spare tires, only one has a rim. This car has Firestone non-skids that were put on in the seventies they have hardly any wear on them and the car was stored indoors, but I worry that I might get a flat so I thought it best to get another baker rim. I might just run a ad to see if some museum is looking for some great Non-skids for a display maybe trade them for some new tires? If I find more than one Baker I will contact you with info. Thank you, Michael

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Larry, Not sure what you mean by raised spacer inside? However when I looked at your ad I suspect that the rims I am looking for are bigger in circumferance I think that the size of my tires 36 by 4 1/2 means that it is mounted on a 27 inch wheel, Michael

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